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DaddyMan Studios International - Doing All The Good We Can...

DaddyMan Studios

  • A Transmedia Storytelling Agency
  • Founded in 2019
  • A Gift From Trench Town...To The World!
  • Honoring The Legacy of DaddyMan
  • Equal Rights and Justice
  • Doing All The Good We Can...

What We Do

DaddyMan Studios is a Transmedia Storytelling Agency founded in 2019 to honor the legacy of Winston Churchill ("DaddyMan") Barrett and share his inspirational story with the world.

This endeavor was born out of a death-bed promise made by DaddyMan's son, Andrew Barrett Sr. to carry forward his dying father's passion for spreading the gospel of love, service, equal rights and justice, thereby uplifting marginalized communities through transmedia storytelling.

Our mission is to immortalize DaddyMan's journey from humble beginnings in Jamaica to becoming a beloved community leader, husband, father, and role model. His wisdom, humor, faith and message of hope still resonate today.

At DaddyMan Studios, we are documenting memories and oral histories from DaddyMan's family, friends, parishioners and all those his life touched. These stories will be translated into books, films, music, and other form of digital media.

It is our privilege to cultivate and amplify DaddyMan's lasting gifts of joy, mentorship, service, equal rights and justice. We hope to inspire others, by example, to walk in faith, live in love, respect their fellowman, lift others as they climb, and walk humbly with their God.

His life long mantra still rings in the ears of those who were blessed to have met him, even for a second, as they'll testify to his constant admonition for them to remember to do all the good they can, for all the people they can, as much, and for as long as they can...without expecting anything in return; DaddyManism Number One. We'll share more on that later.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. DaddyMan's light shines on through the lives he helped to rouse, redirect, restore and revamp - and now through these stories we look forward to sharing with you.

Our Interest

  • Novels
  • Children's Books
  • Music
  • Films