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Welcome To DaddyMan Studios - A Florida based Transmedia Storytelling Agency

When the Unstoppable Force meets the Unmovable Object...Hell and powda 'ouse a go errupt! - King DaddyMan
We know that we are limited only by our imagination...An we na'av nuh shortage a dat whe we come from! - ABar. The Star
...and we know that we shall win, as we are confident in the victory of good over evil. - Emperor Haile Selassie

DaddyMan Speaks - Hope, Respect, Responsibility, and Work Ethics

When man on Earth has done his best, Angels in heaven can't do any better..
Winston Churchill Barrett: DaddyMan Studios
Manners and respect carry through the world.
Winston Churchill Barrett: Daddyman Studios
Only a bad workman blames his tools.
Winston Churchill Barrett: DaddyMan Studios
It is never too late for a shower of rain.
Winston Churchill Barrett: DaddyMan Studios

DaddyMan Utterances


Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly...

You have a better plan than that?

When you right, you wrong. When you wrong, you double-wrong... For peace sake.

Wholesome Entertainment

From the moment we start writing to the minute the films, books, comics, PSAs, albums, music videos, video games, podcasts, etc., are released, we are focused on being authentic, uplifting, & motivational while teaching lessons for life, through pure, clean & wholesome entertainment. READ MORE

A Pipeline To Upliftment

Daddyman Studios is a self-sufficient and innovative Transmedia Storytelling Agency focused on teaching and modeling godly principles in all aspects of life, while providing skills training and employment opportunities as a part of "a Pipeline To Upliftment" for under-served communities, globally. READ MORE

Transmedia Storytelling

We create Transmedia content (films, books, comics, music, etc.) uncovering & enlightening the human condition, influencing and shaping our relationships & responsibilities to, & with, each other, with an intent to rouse, restore, revamp & redirect mankind towards a more love-centric ethos. READ MORE

Empowerment Literature

We write culturally sensitive stories about the day to day lives, struggles, victories, beliefs, traditions, history & religions of our people. Our stories serve as reflections of our realities, products of our art, & windows into our ideologies:. Living pieces of literature for the empowerment of a people. READ MORE

Inside the mind and heart of Daddyman

Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, as much as you can, for as long as you can... Without expecting anything in return.

This philosophy has guided my approach towards my everyday activities.
My responsibility on earth is to love, honor, respect and uplift everyone with whom I am blessed to interact.
We Innovate and Motivate, so that we may, Rouse, Redirect and Restore

  • Knowing every life has purpose
  • Acknowledging each man as my brother
  • Respecting and protecting each woman as my sister
  • Paying my dues to the Creator in the form of benevolent service to humanity
  • Endeavoring to add value to every situation I encounter while leaving a lasting legacy of love on my departure DaddyMan seh suh!